Kanye West Eulogizes Kobe Bryant During His Weekly Sunday Service

Hours after the news broke that basketball legend Kobe Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash, his friend Kanye West, along with Chance the Rapper and Kirk Franklin, celebrated his life and legacy at West’s weekly Sunday Service. “I was driving home / They was leaving your jersey on the freeway / And I just broke down, broke down, broke down,” West freestyled in the above video, while Chance the Rapper took a few poignant verses from “Ultralight Beam” out for a spin. Prior to the start of the service, West posted a photo of him and Bryant on social media as a tribute to his late friend. “Kobe, we love you brother,” he wrote. “We’re praying for your family and appreciate the life you’ve lived and all the inspiration you gave.” The FAA is currently investigating the cause of the helicopter crash, which also claimed the lives of Bryant’s teenage daughter and seven other people.

Kanye West Eulogizes Kobe Bryant at Weekly Sunday Service