just so happy for her honestly

Kesha’s Back, and She Brought Ke$ha With Her

Kesha, balls not pictured. Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Wake up in the morning feeling like Kesha’s new album High Road is out, and it’s making good on her promise that “Kesha got her balls back and they’re bigger than ever.” The California pop queen’s follow-up to the emotional album Rainbow is a return to her raucous form, full of the bangers that remind us how the kids today don’t do it like they used to. First, Kesha saved our souls by dropping the lead single “Raising Hell.” Then in November she casually reminded the world how she invented both Tik and Tok when she performed her 2009 classic at the AMAs in November. That was followed by the angelic harmonies on her second single “Resentment.” And now, the new 16-track High Road was released today just in time for the weekend, and it’s already No. 1 on iTunes.

After her public fight to take her music back from producer Dr. Luke, who Kesha signed with as a teenager and who allegedly sexually assaulted her, High Road is full of defiant joy. Take poly-anthem “Kinky,” in which she prank calls her mom, Pebe; invents some new Spice Girls; and gives the old Ke$ha a feature credit.

Stream it all tonight.

Kesha Collabs With Ke$ha on Her New Album, High Road