Daniel Craig Will Be Back on the Case in Knives Out Sequel

Blanc. Benoit Blanc. Photo: YouTube/Lionsgate Movies

Daniel Craig’s southern accent lives another day. Rian Johnson revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s already ruminating on a sequel to Knives Out centered on Daniel Craig’s southern detective, Benoit Blanc. Yes, he’ll be back to answer the eternal question: Whodunnit? A detective’s work is never done, especially if Rian Johnson and Twitter win out. Johnson added that he wanted to make the sequel quickly, ideally in the next year. His producing partner, Ram Bergman, said that Craig is just as excited for a part two. “Daniel had so much fun doing it, and he wants to do more,” he said. According to THR, Lionsgate has not yet green-lit a sequel to the murder-mystery (not to be confused with Murder Mystery, the Adam Sandler–starrer sorely lacking in knitwear), but the movie did pull $247 million at the worldwide box office and fans have already campaigned for more Daniel Craig accent work. So, it’s your move, Lionsgate. Craig finishes up his stint as James Bond with 2020’s No Time to Die, then, if Rian Johnson has his way, he’ll make the full pivot from spy to detective.

Daniel Craig Is Back on the Case in Knives Out Sequel