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Larry David Adopted a Dog and Named Him Bernie

Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL. Photo: NBC

Ahead of the season-ten premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO later this month, Larry David is on the cover of GQ chatting about everything from Curb to Seinfeld to whether he’s really as “disgruntled” as people think he is. (Spoiler alert: He’s not.) And while the profile teases some interesting news — like an upcoming Me Too episode of Curb or his conflicted thoughts about returning to stand-up someday (“I guess it still kind of bothers me that I haven’t conquered the form the way I thought I would”), the best reveal from the whole interview is the fact that David and his girlfriend adopted an Australian shepherd and they named him after the presidential candidate David plays on Saturday Night Live, whom he also happens to be related to: Bernie Sanders. From GQ:

David has lived in this house for 10 years, since soon after his divorce. His daughters, now 25 and 23, spent their adolescence here. (The presence of kids is one of the major ways David’s life diverges from that of TV Larry, who is childless.) Underwood moved in last year, bringing a fluffy black-and-white cat named Elwood, who now curls up next to David on the living room couch and accepts a good scratch. The couple recently adopted an Australian shepherd puppy whom, after much discussion, David says, eyes twinkling for the reveal, they named Bernie.

David most recently played Sanders on SNL for Eddie Murphy’s episode last month during the Democratic debate cold open. David and Sanders found out they were distant cousins during a Finding Your Roots episode back in 2017, and Sanders was just as tickled to learn the news as David was. “People say to me — they talk about Larry David. And I say, ‘He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do!,’” he told host Henry Louis Gates Jr. Now there’s at least one more Bernie in the mix — not counting the excellent James Adomian, of course.

Larry David Adopted a Dog and Named Him Bernie