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Like Game of Thrones, Leslie Jones’s Netflix Special Features a Fire-breathing Dragon

Leslie Jones and Game of Thrones go way back together. First, they rhyme, so they’re basically the same. Second, Jones has explained the series to Seth Meyers, watched the series with Seth Meyers, finished the series with Seth Meyers, and yelled “SHAME!” at Kit Harington, so it’s actually not that strange that her new Netflix stand-up special, Time Machine, just so happens to be directed by Game of Thrones David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The streaming network released a trailer for the special today, and much like Jones’s HBO drama obsession, it prominently features a fire-breathing dragon. (A slightly different, figurative, and NSFW kind of fire-breathing dragon, it should be said, than the one on Game of Thrones.) Check out the rest when Time Machine makes its Netflix debut next Tuesday, January 14.

Like Game of Thrones, Leslie Jones’s New Special Has Dragons