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Check Out Justin Bieber’s New Single, ‘Yummy,’ Try and Suppress Your Urge for a Snack

Photo: Gotham/GC Images

#Bieber2020 is officially here. After a marriage to Hailey Baldwin and a year-long music hiatus, Justin Bieber is back with new music for the new year. The first track Bieber released is called “Yummy,” and he released it at midnight on January 3, as the prophecy his tweets foretold. “Yummy” is a smooth, R&B-tinged love song to the woman in his life who — you guessed it — is delicious! She’s so delicious that he sings the word “yummy” (or the abbreviation “yum”) so often that we honestly lost track somewhere in the 30s. Listen to the song for yourself and decide if you’re still hungry for more Bieber in the new year. Whether or not you want more, Bieber’s music video for “Yummy” drops on January 4.

Check Out Justin Bieber’s New Single, ‘Yummy’