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Mandy Moore Drops New Single That Will Make You Warm and Fuzzy for the Walk to Remember Soundtrack

On November 4, 2001, Mandy Moore released the single “Cry” from her upcoming film A Walk to Remember, and music was changed. Sure, she would go on to release other albums, but none had the raw emotional clarity of that single. And how could we possibly expect them to? How does an artist continue to work after they’ve already made their masterpiece? We’re about to find out.

Moore has announced that she will release her first new studio album in ten years, called Silver Landings, on March 6 with a North American tour to follow. According to a press release, the album is a “purposeful departure from the more tightly structured pop of her previous material.” This would give us pause because her “previous material” (the aforementioned Walk to Remember soundtrack) is flawless. But Moore has released a single and music video to go along with the album, and it’s a lovely jam. Called “Save a Little for Yourself,” it’s an advice song in the early Musgraves vein, with Moore instructing listeners to focus on self-care: “When someone gets the best of you / Don’t let them take the rest of you.” The music video sees Moore tapping into sun-dappled, wood-panelled, 1970s This Is Us vibes. We can’t wait to hear mo(o)re.

Mandy Moore Announces Her First New Album in a Decade