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Can You Find Margot Robbie’s Fake Conservative Twitter Account?

Are you mutuals with Margot Robbie? Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Deep down in the depths of Conservative Twitter, far past Tomi Lahren and even further than the gun girl, lurks Margot Robbie herself. The actress had to invent her own method to get into character for Bombshell, directed by Jay Roach. Robbie plays a millennial conservative girl from Florida, Kayla Pospisil, so she went where many millennials converge: Twitter. Variety reported that Robbie “created a fake Twitter account so she could observe the performative opinionating of ‘young millennial conservative girls.’” It’s Method acting for the microblogging age. If you can tweet it, you can act like you believe it. But Robbie’s prep for the role didn’t just include reading Twitter. The Australian also studied another pillar of American millennial womanhood: the work of Reese Witherspoon. “Every day, I’d do the monologue from Legally Blonde,” Robbie told Variety. She practiced the monologue in order to nail down Kayla’s Floridian accent. Bombshell is out now, also starring the American accents of Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman.

Can You Find Margot Robbie’s Fake Republican Twitter Account