Mean Girls the Movie the Musical to Become Mean Girls the Movie Musical

The Plastics will return to the big screen, but this time they belt high Gs. Photo: Joan Marcus

Listen up, fugly sluts. Mean Girls is going to be a movie. Or, rather, it’s going to be a movie again. The Broadway musical based on the 2004 Tina Fey movie will be getting the film treatment from Paramount Pictures, the show’s producers announced on Thursday. “I’ve spent sixteen years with these characters now,” Fey, who wrote the film and the Broadway show’s book, said in a statement. “They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly.” Those characters, of course, being Cady Heron and Regina George and Aaron Samuels. Hot teens suffering through the perils of high school in perpetuity while you get older and older.

The movie will be produced by SNL’s Lorne Michaels (duh) and Fey will write the script (also duh). Rounding out the announcement, music will composed by Jeff Richmond, Fey’s husband and the composer behind the 30 Rock theme, and lyrics by Nell Benjamin. We here at Vulture spent a minute — quite literally it was about 60 seconds of Slacking each other before we all moved onto another topic — trying to decide what we should call this phenomenon. When a movie becomes a musical which becomes a movie. A case was made for Little Shop of Horrors. Another for The Producers. But finally we settled on a winner. Henceforth, this occurrence shall be known as “Hairspraying,” or “pulling a Hairspray.” So, for example, if that Spamalot movie ever actually comes to fruition, those jolly Knights of the Round Table would be Hairspraying.

Also, if I may be so bold while I have your attention, a suggestion for Mean Girls creative team: It’s Mean Girls the movie the musical the movie … but Ashley Park plays all the roles. Think about it!

Mean Girls Movie Turned Musical Becomes Movie Musical