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A White Storm (It’s Cocaine) Is Coming in This Narcos: Mexico Season Two Trailer

Even the members of Mexico’s biggest drug cartel can get nostalgic for the old days. Those old days may entail way more mass desert executions and marijuana, but still. It’s nice to see that they have feelings. In the trailer for Narcos: Mexico’s second season, Diego Luna’s Guadalajara (won’t do!) cartel leader has a real hankering for taking over the global cocaine trade, even if it means usurping the Colombians. In the world of Narcos, it seems unwise to screw around with the Colombians. “The Americans will try to stop us, but they will fail,” he asserts. “Now you’ll see what happens when the cage breaks open and all the animals run free.” And he knows this because there’s a pet tiger on his compound. The season will premiere on February 13.

A Cocaine Storm Is Coming in Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Trailer