oscars 2020

The Oscars Will Skip the Whole To-Do and Just Go Hostless Once Again

Photo: DEAN TREML/AFP/Getty Images

With the Oscars just weeks away thanks to an abbreviated lead time, the Academy has decided to skip any similar drama to last year’s and just go hostless. You know, like last year but without all the preamble of selecting a problematic person and of Twitter wondering if anyone at the Academy did a smooth Google to vet them. In 2019, of course, we all wondered “Who??” before Kevin Hart was hired and then he stepped down amid blowback over homophobic tweets and then it was rumored that he might get the job again in any case before everyone just said “Enough!” and held the ceremony without a host. And it actually worked out okay! It’s probably good to forgo the tap dance since no one has had enough time yet to speculate wildly about who might lead the evening, so here’s to the host-by-committee Oscars of 2020. When the nominations are announced on Monday, everyone will probably have plenty more to be mad about anyway!

Oscars to Skip Whole To-Do and Just Go Hostless Once Again