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We Need Bonus Footage of These Bachelor Contestants Attempting Math

Rachel Lindsay’s spelling bee ran so Peter Weber’s mathematics challenge could fly. In the genuinely dramatic premiere of The Bachelor last night, Weber decided to take his petite group of ladies on a flight-school group date, because, if you haven’t heard, he’s a pilot who bangs. An absurd plane-themed obstacle course aside, Weber also made his gals confront one of their biggest aviation fears: Long division. “I haven’t been in the eighth grade in a long time,” one contestant bravely admits. “I failed math three times in college,” another adds. “This is really scary, I’m so nervous,” says a third. “I’m sweating.” 3,000 divided by 500 unites the room for good, but throw in a feet-to-miles conversion question? Def Leppard put it best: Hysteria.

I Need Bonus Footage of Bachelor Contestants Attempting Math