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Rachel Bloom to Answer Your Comedy Prayers as the Antichrist’s Mom in Pop TV’s Mother Mary Pilot

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Plenty of people love to play the devil’s advocate, but what bigger advocate could the devil have than his very own darling mother? According to Deadline, while the devil you know might be better, Rachel Bloom’s next post-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend project will be bringing you a brand spankin’ new Antichrist. At today’s Television Critics Association press event, Pop TV announced their decision to pick up the pilot for upcoming comedy Mother Mary. In addition to executive producing, Golden Globe winner Bloom will portray the Antichrist’s mother, and she’s apparently is named Christa Anton. Who knew?

Fortunately for humanity, Another Period and Disjointed actress Betsy Sodaro will also star as the mother of the new Messiah, a hard-partying modern Mary who finds herself suddenly grappling with an unplanned immaculate conception. Co-written by Sodaro along with co-creators Casey Feigh and Dan Gregor, the pilot is based on the trio’s webseries of the same name. And, of course, you know, that other Mother Mary story.

Rachel Bloom to Answer Your Comedy Prayers With Mother Mary