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Brian May Designed This Crazy Little Thing Called a Guitar Sports Bra

Photo: Getty Images

The universe filled out its weekly classic-rock Mad Libs, and, with no disrespect to the parallel universe where Charlie Watts spearheads an exciting new collection of drum panties, the following information should amuse you regardless: Brian May, of Queen fame, has designed a very snazzy sports bra for his devoted legion of fans. And you know what? It’s not half bad! Per May’s official website, the £35 bra comes in five sizes and is festooned with a bunch of guitars that “[salute] the entire range of Brian May Guitars with a bright, bold design,” although it’s less Lululemon and more T.J. Maxx clearance vibes with its lack of cute back straps. (Seriously, if it’s a racerback style, it needs to have either strategic mesh paneling or moister-wicking fabric.) Still, would buy.

Photo: Bryan May Guitars
Brian May Designed This Crazy Little Thing Called Sports Bra