Pray for Rihanna’s DMs as Singer Splits From Billionaire Saudi Boyfriend

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are no more. Photo-Illustration: Vulture, Getty Images and Abdul Latif Jameel Company Ltd (ALJ)/Flickr

Saudi Arabian billionaires probably do not have many bad days, but today is one: According to Us Weekly, the musician has split from her boyfriend of two and a half years, Hassan Jameel, a Saudi businessman whose hobbies included making out with Rihanna in pools, taking Rihanna on yachts, and being yelled at by Rihanna about soccer. Despite, or perhaps because of, their alleged differences in temperament — per the tabloid’s sources, Jameel was more “serious,” while Rihanna was “fun and wild” — the couple’s relationship was previously considered to be on solid ground, with Rihanna telling Sarah Paulson this summer that “of course” she was in love. Our own sources tell us Leonardo DiCaprio has ducked out of Oscar campaigning until he decides just how many Ys to put in the word “hey.”

Rihanna Is Single, Pray for Her DMs