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Rosalía’s ‘Juro Que’ Video Is a Torrid Romance Between Her and Omar From Élite

Two things about Rosalía and the new video for her song “Juro Que.” First, it’s great. Second, can this be her audition for season three of Netflix’s Élite, because she and Omar Ayuso look great? (We’re not saying break up Omander. That is sacred ground. But why not bring a new student who is also a rising pop star to Las Encinas to challenge Lu for campus supremacy?) In the new video, Rosalía’s man is locked up, and she’s either waiting impatiently for him to get out or she’s going to rob a damn bank to get locked up with him for a quicker reunion. Let these crazy kids be together!

Watch Rosalía’s ‘Juro Que’ Video Featuring Élite’s Hot Omar