Showtime Will Let the Gallaghers Be Shameless for One More Season

Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

The Gallagher family has taken up residence on Showtime for a decade now, and the network just announced that it has renewed its hit series Shameless for an 11th and final season. That’s it. They’re really going to be done. Emmy Rossum, who played eldest sister, Fiona Gallagher, left the show after its ninth season, and now William H. Macy and the rest of the gang will close up shop once the final episodes have aired this summer. (The original incarnation of the show, which was based in the U.K., also ran for 11 seasons, which means there have been like 20 years’ worth of Shameless produced for TV.) Producer John Wells has a huge new development deal with Warner Bros. TV, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, has 13 new projects in development through that, so if you love John Wells you’re still in great shape. And if you love Shameless, well, you will have 22 seasons’ worth of episodes you can revisit whenever you want. And that’s not nothing.

Showtime Will Be Shameless for One More Season