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Shrill Season Two Trailer: She’s Not Off the Rails, She Is the Rails

Live from Portland, Oregon, it’s … Aidy Bryant and her fabulous dresses! The trailer for Shrill’s second season picks back up with Annie (Bryant) as she continues to feng shui her personal and professional life to, uh, let’s just say some mixed success. Pros? She’s getting cunnilingus in an open field straight out of a Manet painting. Cons? She quit her job and the best prospect she has is an unpaid internship, and an inaugural boyfriend-meets-parents dinner doesn’t go so well. No wonder she wants to violently smash a piggy bank. “It actually feels good,” she exclaims, “to be a little bit fucking bad!” Accurate. The new season premieres on January 24.

Shrill Season Two Trailer: She’s Not Off the Rails … Yet