Tree-Size Man Adam Driver Hoists a Tree in His New SNL Promo

Like Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack of lore, jacked lumbering giant Adam Driver can uproot a pine tree with his bare hands and make it look like a toothpick in his hulking grip. That’s the terrible, awesome knowledge gained from watching the promo video for this week’s SNL episode, the first of the new decade. Driver is set to host for the third time, so he stalks the familiar, empty halls until he reaches the studio, where “they haven’t cleaned from Christmas.” Simmering with a silent hatred for all things untidy and wilting, Driver hoists the Christmas tree high above his head, as if it were made of balloons. As if he were crushing H.R. Pickens into dust. As if he were the Grinch who stole Christmas. As if the Grinch were the Hulk. He hoists the tree aloft, and he thrusts it into the road, pulverized, because “that’s where that goes.” Yes, Adam Driver. That’s where that goes.

Oh and also, Halsey is the musical guest.

Tree-Size Man Adam Driver Hoists a Tree in New SNL Promo