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Sports Star J.J. Watt Hangs With ‘Sports’ Star Kyle Mooney in SNL Promo

There are few things in this universe more elementally perfect and entertaining than the “big guy,” “little guy” combo. It worked for those dog-friends in Looney Tunes. It worked for Mike and Sully. Shrek and Donkey. Cousin Greg and everyone. Following that line of reasoning, this week’s promo for Saturday Night Live knows just how to reel us in: Pair Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt with li’l bb Kyle Mooney. Mooney starts his small talk with Watt the way we all start small talk with our relatives at Thanksgiving: “So … football, huh?” But that’s just sporty superstar Mooney’s way of catching Watt off guard, so he can test the pro football player’s reflexes by throwing stuff (including his blocky ’90s cell phone) at him, “to make sure [he’s] a real athlete.” But when things get heated, Watt and Mooney hug it out. Mooney nestles into Watt’s big, beefy chest and says, “I just get scared!” Us, too, li’l buddy. Us, too.

Oh, also Luke Combs will be the musical guest. They’re really going for the Super Bowl crowd this week, huh.

Kyle Mooney Trains J.J. Watt in New SNL Promo