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The Swallow Trailer Forces You to Imagine the Feeling of Gulping Down Nails

You may remember Swallow from Vulture’s list of the most anticipated horror films coming up in 2020. As the movie plays out slowly, you might mistake it for a haunting indie drama, but that would underestimate the crippling terror of living a hermetically sealed life that you hate and turning to, well, unconventional coping strategies to neutralize your suburban Stepford malaise. In the first trailer for Swallow, written and directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Haley Bennett plays Hunter, the pretty little wife of a very rich man, whose biggest concerns are window dressings and what her husband wants for dinner. Mostly alone in her modern architectural palace, Hunter develops an inexplicable compulsion to just … eat things. Marbles, chess pieces, tiny locks. They all go down quietly, but her burgeoning addiction becomes harder to hide when sharp objects are added to the menu. Mirabella-Davis’s feature debut is twisted and tragic, and you can see it come March 6.

Watch the Swallow Trailer and Imagine Gulping Down Nails