Syfy Takes the Second Star on the Right and Lands in The League of Pan Limited Series

Photo: Taylor Louderman (L) and Alison Williams in NBC’s Peter Pan Live! in 2014.

It might seem like a story that has homicidal pirates, interstellar travel, and the ability to freeze children forever in time already has plenty to unpack. According to Syfy, however, the tale of Peter Pan has even more perturbing mysteries to unravel. Per a network announcement made this weekend, they’ll be digging deep into the story of the Lost Boys and their puckish leader in the upcoming limited series, The League of Pan. According to Variety, the show will catch up with the classic cast of characters ten years after the Lost Boys left Neverland, returned to … well, Earth, and presumably resumed aging.

After she loses touch with the Lost Boys (literally how?), the show apparently follows Wendy Darling and the gang as they return once again to Neverland “to face a new evil that is threatening the existence of the magical place they once called home.” As if dealing with anything that can be referred to as “a new evil” isn’t bad enough, the beloved characters’ return leads to the reveal of “‘twisted secrets’ from their past.” Twisted secrets! A man got his hand eaten by a crocodile, then tried to hunt down a child. Boy, this magical kids cannot catch a break.

Syfy Takes the Second Star on the Right to The League of Pan