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Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Only the Young’ Encourages Fans to Get Political

Taylor Swift’s got her Shiv Roy political-consultant turtleneck on. Swift, famously, publicly apolitical until recently, urges you to get out there and participate in democracy on her new track “Only the Young.” The song, which was written and released exclusively for her new Netflix documentary Miss Americana, encourages young people to get involved in politics. “The game was rigged, the ref got tricked / The wrong ones think they’re right / You were outnumbered — this time,” Swift sings, presumably alluding to the 2016 presidential election. The song also faces the harsher realities young people experience. “You go to class, scared / Wondering where the best hiding spot would be / And the big bad man and his big bad clan / Their hands are stained with red,” she sings, referencing mass shootings. But Swift has faith in the youth of America. I mean, if a teenage Swift can become an international pop star, today’s teens can take on the world. Miss Americana is out on Netflix now.

Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Only the Young’ Gets Political