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Is Hannah Brown Gone for Good on The Bachelor?

Photo: ABC

In a shock to everyone who didn’t already do some sleuthing to figure out Hannah Brown’s Dancing With the Stars timeline, the former Bachelorette’s premiere appearance on The Bachelor was cut short on Monday evening’s episode, with leading man (and her randy ex) Peter Weber instructing Brown to leave — despite previously asking if she’d like to stay at the mansion with the other ladies. “I can’t do this,” Weber finally admitted before returning to his ill-fated group date. “I wanted to kiss her, yes,” he later added to the camera crew. “That’s what I was feeling. That’s what I wanted to do. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that we broke up, so I guess it’s okay to feel this way. I probably didn’t handle this the right way today. I’m trying to figure out what the hell my heart wants, and I’m just really scared that I’m not where I need to be for this.”

Alabama Hannah, ever the good pageant queen, departed without any fuss, but it begs the question of what we should keep our eyes on as the rest of the season progresses: Does she return with a vengeance after getting her Mirrorball Trophy and surprise even more group dates? Or dare we say, wreak complete and utter havoc during Weber’s final rose proposal? We can’t help but think about the unprecedented teaser footage we’ve already been shown of Weber’s proposal, where Chris Harrison stops him ⁠— Neil Lane sparkler in hand ⁠— to pass along some ominous information. “Before you do what you’re about to do, there’s something you should know,” he tells Weber. “I’m not sure how this all ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

The news, in fact, is so upsetting to Weber that he ends up retreating to his hotel room with a group of producers. “I feel like I’m about to pass out right now,” he responds. “It’s just the last thing I needed to hear.” The footage is juxtaposed with Weber’s mother in hysterics, imploring him to “don’t let her go; bring her home to us!” Might that pronoun be referring to … Brown?

Is Hannah Brown Gone for Good on The Bachelor?