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The Bachelor Pulls a Mark Knopfler, Snubs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Long live … this man. Photo: Getty Images

Sorry, cranky Dave Matthews Band fans. We have to divert our energy to a Rock Hall snub that actually matters. On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, ABC subjected Peter Weber and his group of ladies to “a city full of art, culture, and rock and roll” (it’s literally Cleveland), a decision that was undoubtably influenced by a hearty payment from the city’s tourism organization. The visit was rife with petty drama, and also featured three dates around the Cleveland metro area that seemed fun enough, we guess. (Not super fun for Victoria F., though.)

However, in a power move that would undoubtably have Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler giving a thumbs up, The Bachelor completely avoided any imagery or mention of the venerable Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — minus a brief shot of the contestants posing around the museum’s Long Live Rock statue. Why, you ask? Especially when the incredible Play It Loud exhibit is now on display on two floors? Destination Cleveland didn’t have an answer about the omission when Vulture reached out, while the Rock Hall has yet to respond to our inquiry. We’re just going to assume the museum knew the group wouldn’t appreciate the wall of Geddy Lee’s sexy Rickenbackers.

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