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The Great Trailer: It’s The Favourite, If It Were a Show Where Elle Fanning Is Catherine the Great

Semi-anachronistic period comedies are, like, so in right now. In the wake of the success of dark period comedy The Favourite, Hulu has hired that movie’s screenwriter Tony McNamara to write a very Favourite-esque TV series about Catherine the Great. Elle Fanning stars as the woman who married her way up to becoming the Russian monarch, with Nicholas Hoult, happily strutting around in a wig, as her bro-tastic husband Peter III. Historical spoiler: She had to depose him to get to the throne, which is sort of what Hulu is trying to do to HBO with this series, considering HBO tried to pull off a Helen Mirren Catherine the Great show this spring. The Great will premiere on May 15. Hopefully no dogs were harmed in the making of it.

The Great Trailer: Elle Fanning Is Catherine the Great