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The Last Thing He Wanted Trailer Stars Some Guy Who Used to Date Jennifer Garner

The trailer for The Last Thing He Wanted is everything we wanted. It’s a new movie written and directed by Mudbound writer-director Dee Rees, it’s based on a Joan Didion novel, and we won’t have to wait ten months after its world premiere at Sundance next week to watch it: The film premieres on Netflix February 21. But wait, there’s more. Anne Hathaway stars as “reporter with a moral compass” Elena McMahon, who gets embroiled in an international weapons-smuggling conspiracy involving her dad, played by Willem Dafoe. Ben Affleck plays a high-level government suit named “Treat Morrison” who’s onto her, and Rosie Perez is involved, somehow, as well. And then, if that’s enough Affleck for one day, remind yourself that Jennifer Garner is thriving, living her best life, and still hosting a “Pretend Cooking Show” on Instagram. Four days ago she did pumpkin bread.

The Last Thing He Wanted Trailer Stars Jennifer Garner’s Ex