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Fox Announces The Masked Dancer, a Different But Similar Fever Dream

Photo: Lisa Rose/FOX

Fox is doubling down on its anonymous-celebrity reality competition series The Masked Singer with a spinoff series called The Masked Dancer. Not only is it based on the original Korean competition show, but it’s also inspired by a segment on The Ellen Show. That’s double the G-rated fun. “This is gonna be just as fun and suspenseful as The Masked Singer, but with a lot more Krumping,” Ellen DeGeneres, who will serve as executive producer said in a statement. “And I cannot wait!” The dancing show will have a unique format, where celebrities dressed head-to-toe in costumes perform and audiences try to guess who’s behind the moves. Okay, so it’s very similar to The Masked Singer. But think of the costume implications! Will there still be giant egg heads? Giant beaks? Giant capes? Or will they go the minimalist Jabbawockeez route? The Masked Singer is currently heading into its third season, where someone will be performing in a massive and elaborate banana costume. Details regarding which anthropomorphic foods will be busting a move are still on their way, but for now, rest assured that there’s a B-list celebrity somewhere lacing up their dancing shoes, a new song in their heart.

Fox Announces The Masked Dancer, an All-new Fever Dream