In an Ideal Crazy Ex Follow-up, Rachel Bloom Is Working on a Nanny Musical With Fran Drescher

Andrew Lloyd Webber, watch out. Your sworn archnemesis, Mr. Sheffield, is heading toward Broadway. Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

It sounds like something made up by a rabid musical-theater stan account, but it’s actually happening: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom is working on a Nanny musical with Fran Drescher herself. The show’s producers formally announced the project today, noting that the TV series turned musical is aiming for a run on Broadway. Drescher, the ever-fabulous star and co-creator of The Nanny, is working on the book with series co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson. Bloom is writing the lyrics and the music with her Crazy Ex collaborator Adam Schlesinger. Marc Bruni, of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, is directing. The production is still looking for someone to cast as Fran Fine, and that sound you hear is a thousand musical-theater actresses rushing to find the best faux fur for their auditions. “Of course I would do it myself,” Drescher (who, lest we forget, did recently appear in Cinderella on Broadway with Carly Rae Jepsen) said in a statement, “but we’d have to change the title to The Granny.”

The Nanny Musical Coming From Rachel Bloom and Fran Drescher