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Adam McKay Is Bringing the Climate Change Anxiety of The Uninhabitable Earth to HBO Max

Calming! Photo: Vulture

HBO’s new streaming venture HBO Max is programming content in the direction of “not chill at all.” At the TV Critics association today, the network announced that Adam McKay, director of The Big Short and executive producer of HBO’s Succession and potential upcoming Parasite series, is writing and directing an anthology series for HBO Max based on David Wallace-Wells’s book and New York Magazine (oh hey, that’s us) article The Uninhabitable Earth. The series will be made up of a series of “stand-alone fictional stories covering a wide range of styles and possible futures that could result from the rapid warming of our planet.” One of those futures, we have to imagine, will probably involve Margot Robbie emerging from a bathtub Big Short-style holding champagne and explaining the horrors of the fossil fuel industry in great detail.

Adam McKay Is Bringing The Uninhabitable Earth to HBO Max