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Tim and Eric Welcome You to Their New Adult Swim Sitcom, Beef House

Check out this buncha hunkos. Photo: Adult Swim

The Medicis and Michaelangelo. Peggy Guggenheim and Jackson Pollock. Adult Swim and Tim and Eric. Behind many legendary artists are their visionary patrons, and once again, Adult Swim has provided a home for Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim to follow their psychotic muse. This time, it’s in one of their most experimental forms yet: the multi-cam sitcom. The upcoming Beef House iterates one of the duo’s most indelible motifs, that of a bunch of big ol’ beefy hunks (strange older men). This time, they’re living in a house together and getting up to kooky hijinks. Presumably their last name is “Beef.” Here’s the premise:

Each week Tim, a laid-back rock-and-roll slacker, and his best friend Eric, a high-strung stay-at-home husband, find themselves in the middle of a madcap misadventure that can only be traversed with the help of their fellow Beef Boys.

The cast features a host of Awesome Show, Great Job! superstars. There’s Ron Auster, who played “Doo Dah Doo Doo” singer Pierre. There’s Ben Hur, and of course, Dee Vee himself, Tennessee Luke. Jamie-Lynn Sigler plays Eric’s wife Megan. How did Abso Lutely Productions wrangle so many stars into one show? You’ll have to ask Tim and Eric on their Mandatory Attendance world tour, which kicks off tonight. There’s no premiere date yet, but Beef House will open its doors later this year.

Tim and Eric Welcome You to the Beef House, Their New Sitcom