Let’s All Watch Al Pacino Kill Some Nazis in the Hunters Trailer

Al Pacino. Logan Lerman. Two of the greats, together at last! Today, Amazon released a full-length trailer for its upcoming ten-episode series about a group of vigilantes who take justice into their own hands on a mission to wipe out Nazis living in 1970s America. Or, as Pacino’s Meyer Offerman puts it: “You know what the best revenge is? Revenge.” A story about sniffing out Nazis who live and scheme comfortably in plain sight and gloat that they “can get away with anything in America” is also, depressingly, as relevant as ever. Pacino plays the group’s Holocaust-survivor kingpin, and Lerman plays the grandson of his late partner in righteous crime. The trailer claims that Hunters is “inspired by true events,” but the Simon Wiesenthal Center denies any ties to its eponymous Nazi hunter, who was certainly active when the series takes place. This series is the latest project from Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, which is also producing the upcoming Candyman remake starring Watchmen’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Oh, and we saved the best part for last: Can you say “weapons expert Carol Kane”?

Hunters premieres on Amazon Prime Video February 21.

Hunters Trailer: Let’s Watch Al Pacino Kill Some Nazis!