Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Lindsay Lohan Video Conferencing is What Fever Dreams are Made Of

Photo: JAMES GOURLEY/Getty Images

This year’s Times Square CNN live broadcast was a strange one, but no moment was stranger than the last ten minutes, in which Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, for whatever reason, interviewed Lindsay Lohan, live from Oman (where she lives now?). Cooper and Cohen repeated throughout the night that they weren’t sure if Lohan would actually follow through with the interview, adding an air of drama to the proceedings before they even began.

When they finally connected with Lohan, it was over a spotty Skype connection, but it didn’t stop the interview from providing some interesting glimpses into her life. Lohan revealed that’s she managing her sister and is going to “come back to America and start filming again” in the new year, adding that she’s “taking back the life that I worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you guys.” This was genuinely the most touching moment of the CNN broadcast, which was otherwise an entire mess. Here’s to pulling for Lohan in 2020.

Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Lindsay Lohan Skyped on CNN