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Jon Lovitz Guest Stars in an SNL Cold Open Straight From Hell

Saturday Night Live returned from its winter hiatus last night, and tackled the Trump impeachment trial with help from former cast member Jon Lovitz as attorney Alan Dershowitz. What started out as a standard political sketch quickly turned into something much more interesting, as Dershowitz is summoned to hell by Kate McKinnon’s Lucifer in the middle of the trial. “You’re not dying, honestly, I just wanted to meet you,” Lucifer tells Dershowitz. “No, seriously, you’re the GOAT. And I should know, that’s what my legs are made of.” We get a few more blessed one-liners from McKinnon’s Lucifer (on podcasts: “I invented them”), before the two are joined by an extended cast of characters, including Flo the Progressive Lady, the late Mr. Peanut, and, insanely, Adam Driver as Jeffrey Epstein. But the real star of this cold open is Beck Bennett, whose frightening portrayal of Mitch McConnell trying to smile is genuinely bone-chilling. Watch at your own risk.

Jon Lovitz Guest Stars in SNL Cold Open Straight From Hell