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Sia Drops Uplifting Pop Anthem, ‘Original,’ From Dolittle Soundtrack

Sia released her new single, “Original,” from the Dolittle motion picture soundtrack last night, and it only contains one reference to anthropomorphized animals. The song, which is the type of upbeat, anthemic pop that Sia does best, was written by the singer with her frequent collaborator Jesse Shatkin and producer Sean Douglas. It features Sia proclaiming “I’m done with the suffering / It’s time to stand up and sing” which doesn’t exactly sound like something Doctor Dolittle would say, but this is, of course, a new take on the character, so reserve your judgement. Sia previously collaborated on the film soundtrack for Vox Lux, which featured Natalie Portman singing original music written by the pop star. It’s unlikely that Robert Downey Jr. will be singing Sia songs in Dolittle, but we won’t know for sure until the movie is released on January 17. Until then, give Sia’s new single a listen above.

Sia Drops Pop Anthem, ‘Original,’ From Dolittle Soundtrack