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Melissa Villaseñor Sums Up Oscar Season With Catchy Tune ‘White Male Rage’

Melissa Villaseñor stopped by the Weekend Update desk at SNL last night to debut some original music she wrote about this year’s award contenders, and you can skip any pre-Oscars analysis you might be reading, because this li’l tune is all the insight you need. Villaseñor started with Joker, correctly summing the movie up as “Joaquin Phoenix skinny skinny / Laughs a lot but still so scary / Dances on steps goes stompy stompy / Puts a pillow over crazy mommy / But the thing that this movie is really about is / White male rage / White male rage / White male rage.” In all of the past year’s exhausting takes on Joker, Villaseñor’s might be the most succinct and honest of them all. “White Male Rage” didn’t stop there, though — Villaseñor makes sure to take to task The Irishman and even Toy Story 4. Considering the host of last night’s episode, however, it’s interesting that Marriage Story wasn’t mentioned — or its male lead, who could be very accurately described with this catchy ear-worm.

Melissa Villaseñor Sums Up Oscar Season in ‘White Male Rage’