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Watch Just the Babu Frik Part of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Otherwise Known As the Best Part

Vulture did not need to tell you, because it is so self-evident, but we definitely did tell you anyway that tiny electrician(?) Babu Frik is the one true star of The Rise of Skywalker. Can we understand his language? No we cannot, but he has space assassin Keri Russell translating for him and he is C-3PO’s oldest friend, which are both such a testament to his great character. Babu is only in the latest Star Wars for one scene, but Disney has now kindly posted that scene online so you can watch it over and over again. Now you can revisit Rise without having to remember how bummed you were about the lack of Rose Tico, or get distracted by the retconning of Rey’s parentage. Now, you can just watch our man Babu be a star. To that we say: Hey heeeeeeyyyy!

You Can Watch Just the Babu Frik Part of Rise of Skywalker