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Adele Leaked Her Own Album Release Month

The famously potty-mouthed Adele. Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images for NARAS

Adele knows 25 is still our go-to for stress-relief weeping and dramatic post-ghosting sing-alongs. That’s why she’s making us wait until September for her next album. Footage of Adele spilling her own release month at a wedding went around social media over the weekend. The Grammy winner officiated her friend Laura Dockrill and former Maccabees member Hugo White’s wedding. After the ceremony, Adele performed a surprise set, singing covers like “Spice Up Your Life,” her own hit “Rolling in the Deep,” and more, per Variety. At one point, she said, “Expect my album in September.” Okay, noted! With so many artists having their music leaked (even a song from Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album, ADELE), Adele is breaking with tradition and leaking her own dates. Do a song next! Do a song next!

Adele has not graced us with her golden pipes since 2015’s 25 and, to be clear, that was last decade. We’ve had an entire Trump presidency, five Batman-related live-action movies, and two Beyoncé albums (fine, one and a half — Jay-Z doesn’t count) since then. On her 31st birthday, Adele joked that 30 will be a “drum n bass record.” Frankly, at this point, we’ll take it. Instant diamond.

Adele Leaked Her Own Album-Release Month