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Tim and Heidi Make It Work… No, Wait, Sorry, Make the Cut in Amazon’s Making The Cut Trailer

Project Runway is still going strong, but fans of the show’s original flavor could be forgiven for missing two of its missing mainstays. Now, former Project Runway hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn reunite in the first trailer for Amazon’s fashion competition show Making the Cut, and it feels so good.

As you might notice, Making the Cut has an extremely familiar set-up (twelve designers, different fashion challenges, a juicy exclusive line with Amazon dangled as a carrot.) However, unlike Project Runway, viewers will be able to buy the show’s winning look each week on Amazon immediate after each episode premieres. So, instead of watching Michael Kors tear into every look each week, you can watch judges Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie tear into them, then have a drone deliver the best of the bunch to your door within days. Of course, the question remains: is America ready to look like a bunch of sentient robot birth canals? Looks like we’ll find out soon enough, specifically when the show debuts on March 27.

Amazon’s Making The Cut Trailer: Tim and Heidi Make It Work