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Apple TV’s Amazing Stories Trailer: Grandpas Kicking Ass, And So Much More

With only two seasons on the books, you’d be forgiven if you aren’t familiar with Steven Spielberg’s cult NBC show Amazing Stories, which premiered in September 1985 and bowed in April 1987. The first iteration of the Emmy-winning series is sort of like The Twilight Zone, except instead of 100% mind-bending scares, you also get some mind-bending sentimental love stories, mind-bending bittersweet morality tales, mind-bending Dom DeLuises playing the human embodiment of Guilt taking a cruise with Love, played Loni Anderson, in an episode directed by Burt Reynolds, you name it.

And based on the first trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ reboot, it looks like we’re getting an equally wide-ranging cadre of stories. Let’s see, we’ve got a period piece that hints at time travel, a swirling purple portal in the sky, a WWII fighter jet, a humanoid electrical entity and, most importantly, a super-strong grandpa socking a punching bag straight off the chain. All of which adds up to one, if not more, Dom DeLuises. Amazing Stories premieres on Apple TV+ on March 6.

Amazing Stories Trailer: Grandpas Kicking Ass, And Much More