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Beforeigners Trailer: You Are Not Ready for a Cops and Time-Traveling Vikings Show, But Here We Are

Ah-ah, ahhhhh! Ah-ah, ahhhhh! They really have come from the land of the ice and snow to modern-day Oslo. HBO debuted the first trailer for its delightfully bonkers sci-fi drama Beforeigners, which, please stay with us, chronicles the societal aftermath of a bunch of people from the Stone Age, Viking Age, and 19th-century reappearing without explanation in the Norwegian capital. (They respectful term for them is “multi-temporal backgrounds,” not “beforeigners.”) People don’t exactly love that these time-traveling randos are taking over the city, and, as an amusing side plot, a police investigator is assigned an 11th-century shield-maid as his new partner to help solve crimes. The first episode is already streaming on HBO, with new episodes set to be released every subsequent Tuesday.

Beforeigners Trailer: A Cops and Time-Traveling Vikings Show