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Bong Joon Ho’s Writers Guild Acceptance Speech Is an Awards Season Must-Watch

As Parasite continues to collect awards this season, director Bong Joon Ho has consistently given great acceptance speeches. Saturday night’s WGA Awards was no exception: When the director took the stage to accept the award for best original screenplay (awarded to him and co-writer Han Jin Won), he cracked a joke. “I just checked to make sure the envelopes weren’t switched,” he laughed. “There are some people who make the barriers stronger and higher,” he said. “But we writers love to destroy the barriers.” He proceeded to praise his fellow nominees: He loved Booksmart even though he was never an angsty, obsessive teenage girl; he appreciated 1917, and the Agatha Christie stan in him loved Knives Out. “Ever since I saw The Squid and the Whale, I have been so jealous of [Noah Baumbach]. He is such a great writer,” he said of Marriage Story’s writer and director. “With Marriage Story, the first opening scene when they write the letters, I started crying. I think just from those letters it deserves an award. It’s one of the best scripts of our generation.” The very next day after the WGAs, director Bong was honored with two other prizes at the BAFTAs: Film Not in the English Language and Original Screenplay. What does he have planned for Sunday, we wonder?

Watch Bong Joon Ho Accept Parasite’s WGA Award