Cards Against Humanity Antes Up, Buys ClickHole

Photo: ClickHole

In case you immediately imagined Cards Against Humanity and ClickHole merging to form the most absurd, jarring, friendship-ending card game you’ve ever used to ruin your cousin’s birthday, great thinking. According to a report from BuzzFeedNews, however, while the card game company did just buy the G/O Media satire site in an all-cash deal on Monday, the plan is allegedly to keep the two entities separate. Per Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin, ClickHole will remain independent, but receive funding from the card company. The Onion, which launched ClickHole in 2014, will remain a part of G/O Media.

“We’re giving them funding, and if they ask us, we’ll be an advisor,” Temkin told BuzzFeedNews. “We just want to give them a chance to do their thing. They’re really capable — really smart and innovative. And I don’t know if they’ve had that opportunity before to try all these creative [ideas for the site].”

ClickHole EIC Steve Etheridge similarly told BuzzFeed, “We’re leaving a place with a very robust editorial infrastructure to essentially go build a new digital media company from scratch. Cards is giving us total freedom to do our thing, but that freedom comes with a lot of new responsibility, and we really just want to get it right. Our goal is to make ClickHole better than ever before.” According to BuzzFeedNews, following the deal, ClickHole’s employees will become the majority owners of their site. Great news to go home and tell all their garbage sons, not that they’d care anyway.

Cards Against Humanity Antes Up, Buys ClickHole