Aspiring Character Actor Chris Evans in Talks to Play the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors Movie

Someone get him a leather jacket. Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Great news for all the Hollywood hunks who really just wish they could become character actors: Chris Evans is in talks for his dream part in a new Little Shop of Horrors movie. No, not as Seymour (hunk Seymour inflation hasn’t gotten that far) but as Orin Scrivello, DDS, the sadistic, leather-jacket-wearing dentist, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Steve Martin famously played the role in the first film adaptation of the musical (which was in turn based on a B-movie), and Christian Borle is currently hamming it up as Orin Off Broadway. The part’s something of a dream come true for a struggling actor like Evans, who previously told THR that he’d beg to be the dentist in a Little Shop movie. When your Marvel contract expires, Hollywood grants you one (1) wish! Use it wisely.

In addition to Evans, THR reports that the movie, directed by Greg Berlanti, has been “flirting and courting” (how very Audrey II!) actors for other roles since the fall and that Taron Egerton ( Rocketman) and Scarlett Johansson (“remember that time she did a Tom Waits covers album?”) are in far-from-conclusive talks to play Seymour and Audrey, respectively, while Billy Porter already has a deal to lend his voice to the carnivorous Audrey II. At this point, whatever it takes to finally get us to the all–Hollywood Chris Guys and Dolls movie we really deserve.

Chris Evans in Talks to Play the Dentist in Little Shop