christine at the opera

Christine and the Queens Wails and Dances Around the National Opera in Lush New Short Film

Earlier this month, Christine and the Queens revealed that she’s been feeling melancholy, releasing the affecting ballad “People, I’ve been sad.” Now, she’s singing it from the rooftops in La vita nuova, a short film accompanying her new EP of the same name. Standing atop the iconic Palais Garnier overlooking a golden Paris skyline, the musician sings in English and her native French about falling apart and feeling the intensity of the sun. In subsequent musical moments, we find her running across the stage and down the staircase of the gilded French theater. It’s a real feast for the eyes. The EP and corresponding film spans six songs, including a feature from Caroline Polachek, who fittingly breaks out her operatic voice to sing in Italian on the EP’s title track. After being bound to a car in the powerful pop duet “Gone” with Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens is fully untethered and ready to emote in her new, cinematic EP.

Christine and the Queens Shares Theatrical New EP and Film