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Disney’s New Baby Yoda Toy Makes Cooing Noises, As Will You When You See Disney’s New Baby Yoda Toy

Photo: Disney Consumer Products/Lucasfilm

Throw your Furby in the trash. Cancel your Pokémon Home subscription. Let your Tamagotchi die a slow, lonely death. There’s a new cute virtual pet in town, and he’s wearing a little Ikea Monkey coat. On Thursday, Good Morning America staged an exclusive reveal of Disney’s new line of Baby Yoda — excuse me — “The Child” — toys, just in time for Christmas in February. The hosts staged a reveal with dry ice and everything, lifting a box to show the little battery-operated cutie gurgling and cooing, blinking, and moving his ears around like a fennec fox. As Michael Strahan explains, “you can talk with Baby Yoda, so it’s just like hanging out with The Child in The Mandalorian.” Then, the Baby Yoda either passes gas or uses The Force, it’s hard to tell.

In addition to the animatronic Baby Yoda, GMA also showed off a Funko Yoda, a talking plush Yoda, a normal plush Yoda, and a Baby Yoda necklace that unfortunately doesn’t reach Howie Bling levels of excellence. They’re all available for pre-order today, and somehow, the animatronic is only going to be $60. Probably because it’ll spy on you with those huge, adorable ears and wide, adorable eyes. Until then, there’s always our coloring book.

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New Baby Yoda Toy Makes Coos, As Will You When You See It