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The Dixie Chicks’ First Song in 14 Years Is Imminently (Finally) Upon Us

Welcome back, queens. Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage

The wait has been excruciating, but after 14 years, the Dixie Chicks are ready to release that album they’ve been teasing for months. Per their official Twitter account, the self-described country trio of “superstars, renegades, innovators, heroes, villains, and moms” announced that the title track to their forthcoming album Gaslighter is coming on March 4. Last week, Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines teased a clip of the song on Instagram. In a subsequent post, she shared an anecdote about witnessing Harvey Weinstein “berate” the two female directors of the group’s documentary Shut Up and Sing back in 2005. “I sat there in stunned silence,” she wrote. “It’s something I’ll always regret and will never repeat.”

It seems that the Dixie Chicks, who were castigated by the country music community for criticizing the policies of George W. Bush, will not spare any words on Gaslighter, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2006’s Taking the Long Way. They were last heard contributing backup vocals to Taylor Swift’s “Soon You’ll Get Better” last year. In tandem with their recent announcement, the trio launched a “Dixie Chicks 2020” website, where fans can sign up for updates ahead of the album’s release. We’re totally available if they need a campaign manager.

A New Dixie Chicks Song Is Imminently (Finally) Upon Us