Donald Trump’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Tweet Makes No Sense

The “people repellent” in use. Photo: HBO

Look, it’s not exactly breaking news that understanding context and researching something for accuracy before blasting it to over 70 million Twitter followers are skills that Donald Trump does not possess. But sometimes — as was the case last night, when he tweeted a short clip from the current season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasmit’s worth taking a moment to appreciate Trump’s impressive lack of these skills, especially when he’s posting a clip of a guy who literally named his dog after Bernie Sanders and turning him into the poster boy for, as he calls it, “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP.” Anyway, here’s the tweet:

The 28-second clip is from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s season-ten premiere, in which Larry David uses a “Make America Great Again” hat as a “people repellent.” In the F-bomb-filled clip, he puts the hat on while driving to get out of a heated confrontation after nearly running into a guy on a motorcycle. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the episode last month, executive producer Jeff Schaffer described David wearing the MAGA hat as “such a dissonant image … It’s like spotting a double rainbow of intolerance,” he said. “He wanted to wait until the last minute to put it on when he got on set, so it really had a good effect. It was like seeing your uncle the banker doing cosplay, it was bizarre.”

Context from the full Curb episode aside, David has made his intentions about the MAGA-hat scenes very clear. When asked during an interview at 92Y last month about the possibility of “alienating” Trump supporters with his use of the hat, David had this to say: “Alienate yourselves! Go! Go and alienate! You have my blessing! No — I could give a fuck.” Check out the clip below:

Also, Trump’s tweet doesn’t even make sense? Is the biker the “tough guy” because he’s yelling stuff like, “What the fuck are you doing, you little fucker?” to intimidate Larry David for making a mistake? Or is Larry David, profusely apologizing to the biker before he desperately puts the MAGA hat on to get out of the confrontation, the tough guy despite doing absolutely nothing tough? Does Trump think the MAGA hat looks good in this situation? If we were to attempt to understand the logic of this whole thing, we’d be here all day.

Donald Trump’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Tweet Makes No Sense