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Just 7 GIFs of Celebrities Reacting to Eminem’s Random Oscars Performance

Photo: Getty Images

One of the most important parts of any modern awards show is the scouring of every frame as they flash past for essential isolated moments. If you’re lucky, you get one great one, like Jason Bateman beating Game of Thrones for an Emmy or Gwyneth Paltrow fighting with her dress to get across the awards-show stage. But at the 2020 Oscars we were given a bag of gold dropped right in our laps when Eminem took the stage to perform “Lose Yourself” 18 years after he won the award for Best Original Song but did not attend the ceremony. The result was a beautiful stew of confusion and delight and shock and restrained dancing in seats. Here, a sampling of Oscar attendees losing themselves with Eminem.

When you aren’t sure if it’s cinema.

When you just plain aren’t sure.

When you sang along to it in the car a long time ago but can’t quite remember specific lyrics in 2020.

When all that’s left to do is laugh.

When you can actually keep the beat.

When you have the confidence of someone who definitely should have been a Jedi.

When you’re Zazie Beetz and literally everything works so it’s fine.

Just 7 Celebs Reacting to Eminem’s Random Oscars Performance