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Hayley Williams Is Finally Out of the Woods in Her Video for ‘Cinnamon’

If each of the videos for Hayley Williams’s new songs exists in a shared universe, she’s gone from running naked in the woods and being pursued through a dark house, to being clothed in the woods and turning into a bird in a bright house, and now, for her latest solo single, she is safely out of the woods but being chased once again. It’s a harrowing time for Hayley, whose new album, Petals For Armor, will arrive May 8. “Cinnamon” is the most overtly pop song of the new material — it’s a little faster, a little dancier — she’s given us so far, all of which has been … really great. In his review of her first song, “Simmer,” Vulture’s Craig Jenkins said her solo debut was “worth the 15 year wait,” and after three sample tracks — which are part of a pre-album release called Petals For Armor I — that is really just being reaffirmed.

The five-track Armor I is available for download now, and she’s posted audio for its other two songs, “Creepin’” and “Sudden Desire”, on YouTube today along with the “Cinnamon” video. Also! There are interstitial clips you could have been watching this whole time that tie together the three-part narrative of her new music videos. Happy Hayley Day, everyone.

Hayley Williams Finally Out of the Woods ‘Cinnamon’ Video